Stepbrother Brute: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Thriller


Copy of Copy of naughty bits


There’s a new hot guy in 18-year-old Emma’s life and home, in the form of a tall and savagely handsome new MMA fighter bad boy stepbrother. Living with the family after an injury, he’s a hard-partying and selfish alpha male with a bad attitude, and she’s fed up with him.

But why does she get so hot when he’s around?

And what’s more, his illegal cage fighting has put him on the wrong side of the Russian mafia. And he wants to involve Emma in a very dangerous plan to rob some very dangerous people …

This is the latest sexy and shocking new dark romantic adult contemporary thriller from Natasha Stevens, author of I OWN YOU and JANA’S JOURNEY.

Get it now! Available NOW HERE ONLY ON  AMAZON!


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