Natasha J. Stevens is a bold an uncompromising new voice in dark and taboo erotica, extreme erotic horror, and sexy neo-noir thrillers. Her Catholic School upbringing regrettably did not stop her from becoming a wanton slut, but she now tries to channel those energies into her writing.


She tries to leave out the boring parts that most people skip, and establish character and story through dialogue and action. Most of her stories involve older men and younger women, dubious consent, and the dynamics of sexual power exchange. Though some of her works can be fairly dark and disturbing, she likes to think the good guys always win.


Natasha Stevens author page on Amazon

Natasha Stevens author page on Smashwords (with interview)

Natasha Stevens on iBooks


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  1. Hi Natasha, my name is Richie and with my wife, Randi, own both KinkyLiterature.com and PornsurferReports.com. We have just added one of your books to our site. Here is the url to its Channel Page. http://kinkyliterature.com/book/4015-the-neighbors-drunk-slutty-daughter/ We would like to add more but we would like to speak to you first. Do you have an email address we can write to? Ours is: RnR@KL-eBooks.com. Looking forward to hearing back. Best, Richie (and Randi)

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