Frequently Asked Questions

Just a few questions that commonly get asked about my stuff:

What city does the story take place in? Why don’t you tell the name of the city? 

Well, that’s my little personal gimmick, see? I always loved movies like SEVEN and novels like Kathe Koja’s SKIN that were just sort of set in some nameless, imaginary-yet-realistic city. So all my books take place in a particular city that is the particular city where all my stories take place 😉

What do we know about it? Well, it’s not far from the beach, because Jana goes there in A TRIP TO THE BEACH HOUSE and Elena rents a house there in BOUND BY THE BURGLAR 4. It has at least a couple of strict Catholic schools for girls, and nightclubs, and in BOUND BY THE BURGLAR it seems to be a couple hours drive from ‘the mountains.’ California? Hell, it might be in South Carolina for all i know. Use your imagination!

Why don’t you tell the last names of your characters?

You know, I’m not sure. Obviously I could easily do that, but it’s just something I started with the JANA’S JOURNEY books and have continued to my other stories and books. Maybe I want my readers to be on first name terms with the characters. 😉

I can say that I’ll probably get around to giving them last names if I continue writing about them. I can tell you, as a particular blog reader bonus that Jana has a last name. Her last name is Winters. Jana Winters, Americanized from the Russian surname Zimina.

Why don’t you give more specific descriptions of your characters? Why don’t you tell us how big their dicks are? 

Hmm, I sort of side with Stephen King on this point, in that he recommends letting the readers make up the face they want for the characters. Alas, porn readers are obsessed with statistics, though, aren’t they? So I do occasionally reveal a bra cup size. I have yet to reveal a penis size, though. Mainly because when you say “big cock” to two different people, they will think of wildly differing numbers. Everybody seems to like 8 inches though, right? So if I don’t say, just assume it’s eight inches.

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