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Beautiful brunette removes a brassiere over white background

Here we go! More new old stuff, previously published under a different name. It’s some lighter fare, back to the tone of GABRIELLA AND VALERIA . Meet Amy!


The holiday season is here, and Amy, the irrepressible town bad girl, is here to help you have the hottest holiday possible with this collection of three of her wild and sexy holiday adventures.

TAKEN ON LABOR DAY AT THE NUDE BEACH– Amy decides to visit the town nude beach on Labor Day, and sees new guy in town, Owen. He’s got something HUGE that even Amy hasn’t seen before, and things are going to get rough and reluctant in public at the nude beach.

TAKEN AT THE HAUNTED HOUSE — Amy isn’t frightened by the haunted house, because she knows she’s the most spectacular thing in it. She decides to go to show off her new (much older) boyfriend, however. But inside, Owen and some friends are waiting to give Amy a rough and hot Halloween surprise!

TAKEN AT THANKSGIVING — Amy has made plans to leave the small town she grew up in behind her. But first she has some old scores to settle, and this little brat has a hot and taboo surprise for some very special men of the house

CHRISTMAS CUCKOLD — Amy’s sister’s new husband has been involved in some inappropriate behavior online, and Amy and her sexy ally Owen are going to give him a big holiday surprise.

WARNING! This sizzling collection contains a lot of hot and thoroughly inappropriate behavior.

So read it and enjoy some rough and reluctant sex in public, multiple partners (MMMF), pseudoincest, cuckolding and hotwife humiliation.


Fight the Man and Read MIND CONTROL PANTIES

Amazon blocked my new short story, MIND CONTROL PANTIES.


but you can get it here on Smashwords / Kobo / Barnes and Noble

After months of keeping Devon in the “friend zone” Celia finally agreed to go on a date with him — but went home with another man.

But Devon has a plan to get even, involving a gift of some very special lingerie, and she will not be able to resist …

* * *

I’ve had plenty of stories blocked on Amazon, but this time they warned me that:

 During our review process, we found that this content is in violation of our content guidelines. As a result, we cannot offer this book for sale. If we identify additional submissions with similar content that violates our guidelines, we may terminate your account or you may lose access to optional KDP services.

Amazon’s inconsistent, opaque system of censorship is really infuriating. If they don’t want mind-control erotica, why don’t they say that? They just say it “violates our content guideline” and their content guidelines are defined as “pretty much what you’d expect.” This is corporate hypocrisy at its worst. Amazon makes a LOT of money off erotica and it certainly isn’t banning best-sellers like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY or classics like LOLITA.  Selena Kitt wrote an excellent blog entry about this topic, which is really playing havoc with a lot of erotica authors.

So fight the man and strike a blow against censorship and get it now! on Smashwords / Kobo / Barnes and Noble

Jana’s Journey: Dark Erotica

This is the latest cover of Jana’s Journey, now available on Amazon and Smashwords. (The other one keeps getting blocked on Amazon!) This girl probably looks a bit more like the Jana in my mind, anyway. (With big beautiful breasts!)

Buy it HERE on Amazon! Buy it HERE on Smashwords!

“Shocking, terrifying, and sexy in equal measures. Natasha Stevens is a master of dark erotica.” — Dahlia Morgan, author of THE NIGHT KITTEN series

18-year-old Jana has always been a good girl. Despite being blonde and beautiful, she has always been shy and devoted to her studies, and always resisted temptation, so she’s still a virgin.

But one day after school in the Principal’s office, everything changes. Jana finds herself forced into a world of domination and submission, of lust and blackmail, of discipline and bondage, a world that involves not just Jana and the Principal, but his beautiful daughter, his wife, and a mysterious wealthy former soldier with his own agenda.

As Jana struggles to find her way in a new world which alternately thrills and horrifies her, she is forced to confront the worst and strongest urges of herself and others, in a high-stakes game of sex, blackmail and retribution.

But Jana proves to be more difficult to control than anyone, including Jana herself, realizes …

This is a complete dark erotica novel (44,000 words) based on the Jana’s Journey stories, and includes all the material from these stories:

Jana’s Journey, Part One: A Trip to the Principal’s Office
Jana’s Journey, Part Two: A Trip to the Nightclub
Jana’s Journey, Part Three: A Trip to the Health Spa
Jana’s Journey, Part Four: A Trip to the Beach House
Jana’s Journey, Part Five: A Trip to the Masquerade Party
Jana’s Journey, Part Six: A Trip to the Police Station
Jana’s Journey, Part Seven: A Trip to the Basement

plus the never-before published epilogue, A Trip to Prague

WARNING! This dark erotica thriller contains situations and content which may be disturbing to some readers, including explicit descriptions of sexual acts including bondage and domination, blackmail and kidnapping, reluctant and dubious consent and forced seduction, and some violence. It is intended to be read only by adults.