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Or at least the first two chapters of JANA’S JOURNEY, BOOK 2 are free for the next five days:

jana's journey book 2 snapped v3


JJ Book 2 Chapter 2 Showtime 2Get it HERE FREE ON AMAZON

And yes, I know this whole “chapter at a time” thing is unpopular with readers. The old “three-parter” is a much more popular way to do it, and would have especially been better in this case, since the “hook” of the story is in chapter two.

Well what can I say? I write a chapter at a time, it’s just how I do it. Just wait a month or two and the whole thing will be finished and I’ll release the bundle / complete novel. I was originally thinking of six parts, but I think it’ll stretch out to seven now.

In other news, THREE DAYS A SLAVE is still hovering in the top 5000, and was in the top 100 in horror for a while — for a few glorious days, it was higher in sales than Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP.




JJ Book 2 Chapter 2 Showtime 2

Get it HERE on Amazon US 

On her 23rd birthday, Jana is planning to put her traumatic past to rest with one last fling: an exclusive public BDSM show with her boyfriend, former Navy SEAL Matt.

But some dangerous people have been stalking Jana, and a mysterious figure from Matt’s past appears and offers her a chance to go undercover to bust a sinister mastermind of kidnapping and sex trafficking. And once again, Jana will confront and endure her own deepest and darkest urges …

This is the second chapter in JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK TWO, the sequel to the best-selling dark erotica novel by Natasha Stevens. WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT! Use the LOOK INSIDE feature for more information.

*    *    *

So here we go, part two. In terms of specific kink involved, we’ve got rough sex in public (MFM) as well as some bondage, masturbation, and hard spanking. Enjoy!


Hey folks! After a much needed holiday, I’m back to work.

First, in my continuing attempts to navigate the ever-changing world of erotica e-book sales in 2015, I’ve put several of my  books on Google Play. (With odd pricing discounts, for some reason.)


Now, initial sales are quite good, but the author interface is a bit odd and if there’s an author’s page there anywhere, I haven’t found it yet.

Second, I’m going to be taking all my 99 cents stories off Amazon soon, leaving up only the collections. The 99 cent story just doesn’t seem to sell anymore, unless they’re in Kindle Unlimited. So if you want, say, the separate parts of JANA’S JOURNEY or AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION stories, you best jump quick. I already removed the BOUND BY THE BURGLAR chapters, though of course the collection is still there.

Check out my Amazon author’s page

Now I’m going to leave the separate chapters up on Smashwords, as they still seem to sell okay there, since I can make the first chapter free, and hook readers thoroughly with my awesome prose:

Check out my Smashwords author’s page

I might remove them there eventually, but right now just trying to tidy up my backyard, you know.

And, the best news of all — check back in a few days and I’m going to publish the first chapter of JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK TWO. It’s damn good — and this one is going to be even darker than the first, which is dark indeed.

Now, upcoming projects? TAKING THE NEIGHBOR’S DRUNK SLUTTY DAUGHTER has been selling surprisingly well on Smashwords, so I’m going to write a sequel to that, and indeed have an idea to turn it into another short novel. Older man and slutty younger woman! Sleeping sex! How can we go wrong?

One of these will be the covers, any feedback is welcome.

jana's journey book 2 snapped v2 jana's journey book 2 snapped