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Cuckolded by the Russian Billionaire

cuckoldedbythe russianbillionaire

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Hello again! After a two-week holiday and two weeks of dealing with some household difficulties, I can at least offer you this story, which is adapted from a discarded idea for JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK TWO. (Which will be finished soon, promise.)

The blurb —

I made a terrible mistake.

I stole money from one of the most powerful men in the city, the Russian billionaire Ivan Volkov.

And now he is going to take something from me. My hot blonde trophy wife, Tori.

And I am going to watch. And to my surprise, to my horror, I am going to love every minute of it …

* * *

This will be FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and giving it away FREE for everybody on Amazon from tomorrow til the 3rd of July.

I also ended up taking I OWN YOU off Kindle Unlimited, and it’s now available on Google and Smashwords:

I Own You: The Complete Novel

Availble HERE on Amazon

Available HERE on Smashwords

Available HERE on Google Play

Probably my darkest and scariest work, I OWN YOU was selling very well on Kindle Unlimited, so I was going to re-enroll it after a brief decision to not do that. But I got a pop-up from Amazon saying that since I had removed it from Kindle Unlmited, if i re-enrolled it, I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO REMOVE IT AGAIN! What kind of crazy fascist shit is that? It’s like in that old movie the Blob, Amazon just consumes everything in its path.

So I went ahead and took it out. I will continue to use Amazon and KU but my stuff sells pretty well on Smashwords and now on Google, so hopefully those platforms will embrace I OWN YOU just as they embraced JANA’S JOURNEY.


So my short story MIND CONTROL PANTIES turned out to be a surprise success on Smashwords —

and ONLY on Smashwords, after it was banned on Amazon.

so I wrote a sequel, elaborating on the O Henry ending and giving the female some payback —


Buy it HERE on Smashwords

Devon struck back at his neighbor Celia for rejecting his advances, using a gift of lingerie and a special chemical from the secret laboratory he works at.

But now Devon finds the tables turned on him, and he himself is under the influence of the same chemical, a chemical that completely robs willpower and the ability to resist.

And now Celia, with the help of her studly boyfriend Tim, is taking HER revenge … and she’ll start by dressing Devon in the same lingerie he gave her.

WARNING! This story contains graphic content, including extreme humiliation and degradation, as well as mind control sex, forced golden showering, sissification, forced transvestitism and cuckolding. Use the LOOK INSIDE feature for more details. Intended to be read only by mature adults.

* * *

The definition of cuckolding is technically a woman cheating on her husband. Is there a term for forcing somebody who has a crush on you watch you fuck somebody else? Forced voyeurism, maybe?

Does this surprise success mean that people are finally giving up on Amazon for their erotica needs in the face of their blatant censorship? My Smashwords sales go up every month while my Amazon sales have flattened out …

(UPDATE, JANUARY 16: Both MIND CONTROL PANTIES and MIND CONTROL PANTIES 2 are blocked on iBooks. Is this my most offensive book yet? Maybe!)