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BOUND BY THE BURGLAR Bundle + Confessions of an Honest Pornographer


BOUND BY THE BURGLAR: THE COMPLETE NOVELLA now available on Amazon and Smashwords

Elena is an underwear model and trophy wife with a dark past. Joshua is a former NAVY Seal with a dark present; he is now a burglar who robs the homes of the wealthy. One night he breaks into Elena’s house, and the two of them are thrown together in a devil’s bargain of lust, blackmail and robbery, in a plan to steal a fortune in gold. But some dangerous individuals want the gold, also …

* * *

So as every indie author knows, “erotica” sales have fallen off tremendously — in the “erotica” category! Mainly because of Amazon’s “adult filter” and blocking of various titles and keywords. However, the amount of graphic erotica being sold in the “short stories” “romance” and “new adult romance” categories is booming. Plenty of stepbrothers and stepsisters fucking (to best-seller status) over there in “new adult romance”, you know, although my “pseudo-incest  erotica” will be blocked if I say that in the blurb or on the cover.

So I was going to put my latest novella in “romance > suspense” and “thriller > crime” categories to get it some more exposure.

But you know what?

I just couldn’t!

I mean, this is an extremely graphic book with a LOT of sex in it. It is, in fact, erotica. Porn! It’s an erotic thriller, sure, and I think it’s got great characters and a good story, but it’s PACKED with graphic descriptions of kinky sex.

And I just couldn’t try to “trick” my readers like that. I didn’t want some 15-year-old or some old lady to read it with completely wrong expectations about what it’s going to be about. I put a “WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT!” line in the blurb, of course, but … when it came time to click “publish” I found I just couldn’t do it, so I put it back in “romance > erotica.”

Now, of course, one solution for this moral dilemma is for me to write a book that’s a bit less graphic. We’ll see 😉



Get it HERE on Amazon / HERE on Smashwords

The thrill- and sex-packed story of Elena the underwear model and Joshua the burglar continues:

The plan to steal a fortune from Elena’s husband proves more successful than anybody in the gang had hoped, and they come away with nearly $5,000,000 worth of gold.

There’s only one problem: it seems that the gold and jewelry did not belong to Elena’s husband, but instead to some very dangerous people. And Elena finds herself helpless in the grip of a hit man whose tastes are just as kinky but far more depraved and deadly than hers …

This is the fourth thrilling and shocking installment in Natasha Stevens’ latest dark erotica thriller series, BOUND BY THE BURGLAR. Read parts one through three on Amazon now. WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT.

* * *

Now as far as that graphic content: mainly we have a four-way sexual encounter on a bed of gold (of course) and then a lengthy punishment enema.

(Hey, I’m not particularly into enemas. But the public seems to demand them. Well, I’m not into them most of the time, anyway. Okay, sometimes it’s very nice, when administered properly 😉 )



BOUND BY THE BURGLAR 3: THE GANG now available! Only 99 cents

Get it HERE on Smashwords / Amazon  / B and N

The burglar broke into Elena’s house to steal her valuables, but the connection between them was instant and passionate and uncontrollable.

He retrieved a video that could alter her life, and she has made him an offer — help her steal $1,000,000 in gold and jewelry from her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

But before he makes a decision, he will have to introduce her to the rest of his gang, and Elena is again bound and helpless and so, so aroused …

BOUND BY THE BURGLAR PART 3: THE GANG is the third part of a six-part serial, another intense and sizzling hot dark erotica romance thriller from Natasha Stevens, best-selling author of JANA’S JOURNEY and I OWN YOU.

WARNING! Contains graphic content that some may find offensive. Use the LOOK INSIDE feature for more information.


* * *

So continuing in the not-particularly-popular-with-readers plan of releasing this novel as I finish each chapter. In terms of the content, we’ve got some bondage and a bit of knife play, and some FFM sex. Hmm what’s the minimum required to have a gang-bang? Four I guess, hmm?


So my short story MIND CONTROL PANTIES turned out to be a surprise success on Smashwords —

and ONLY on Smashwords, after it was banned on Amazon.

so I wrote a sequel, elaborating on the O Henry ending and giving the female some payback —


Buy it HERE on Smashwords

Devon struck back at his neighbor Celia for rejecting his advances, using a gift of lingerie and a special chemical from the secret laboratory he works at.

But now Devon finds the tables turned on him, and he himself is under the influence of the same chemical, a chemical that completely robs willpower and the ability to resist.

And now Celia, with the help of her studly boyfriend Tim, is taking HER revenge … and she’ll start by dressing Devon in the same lingerie he gave her.

WARNING! This story contains graphic content, including extreme humiliation and degradation, as well as mind control sex, forced golden showering, sissification, forced transvestitism and cuckolding. Use the LOOK INSIDE feature for more details. Intended to be read only by mature adults.

* * *

The definition of cuckolding is technically a woman cheating on her husband. Is there a term for forcing somebody who has a crush on you watch you fuck somebody else? Forced voyeurism, maybe?

Does this surprise success mean that people are finally giving up on Amazon for their erotica needs in the face of their blatant censorship? My Smashwords sales go up every month while my Amazon sales have flattened out …

(UPDATE, JANUARY 16: Both MIND CONTROL PANTIES and MIND CONTROL PANTIES 2 are blocked on iBooks. Is this my most offensive book yet? Maybe!)



Second part to what will be a six-part serial. Available

HERE on Amazon / HERE on Smashwords

The burglar broke into Elena’s home, tied her up and ravaged her.

And she consented, in order to keep her most valued possessions safe.

But he did steal a video that could permanently alter her life, and now he has contacted her again.

Alone near a deserted hotel, she meets him, dressed as he ordered her – an expensive sable coat, and not much else.

But Elena is not as innocent or helpless as she appears, and this time she has a surprise for him.

This time, she will take control.

* * *

My story BOUND BY THE BURGLAR was always the orphan child of my work, getting some good reviews but never selling much, but the recent posting of it on Literotica has finally gotten it some attention, so I’ve moved forward with some long-delayed plans to write a whole novel about these two. I’m really happy with Part 2 and I hope you like it as much as I do. Because who hasn’t wanted to hold a hot guy at gunpoint and force him to jack off, eh? 😉

And only 99 cents. Can’t beat that with a riding crop.


And if you never read BOUND BY THE BURGLAR PART 1, you can get it HERE ON SMASHWORDS for FREE //  or ON AMAZON for 99 cents.  Or you can read it HERE on Literotica

Elena is an underwear model and trophy wife. She has everything a woman could want from life. But one evening she wakes up to find a stranger in her room … touching her.

The stranger explains that he’s going to tie her up and take some things, and that she will not be harmed.

But when he attempts to steal some of her most prized possessions, including a video that could permanently affect her life, she offers him something even more valuable instead: her body.

WARNING! This 5000-word story contains graphic material, including bondage, blackmail, and dubious consent. It is intended only for mature audiences.

So enjoy a little bondage, home-invasion, blackmail and extortion, reluctant sex and dubious consent, gun and knife play, and some oral, vaginal, digital, anal, ATM, and snowballing. 😉



Well! I posted some stories up for public view on LITEROTICA — AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION and  BOUND BY THE BURGLAR — and gotten the hoped-for spike in traffic to this website, so here’s a little welcome post and an answer to the question that most visitors to author’s websites ask — where’s the free stuff? Well, glad you asked. In addition to those stories, this story is available for free ALWAYS on Smashwords and other retailers: The story that started it all:


Available Free on Smashwords / Barnes and Nobles / Kobo

Available for 99 cents on Amazon US / Amazon UK

This was the first erotica story I posted, and it made it into the Top 50 of Erotica on Amazon. (A feat I have not been able to replicate.)

It all begins with a spanking …

Innocent and hard-working student Jana is called into the Principal’s office, where she suddenly finds herself forced into a world of blackmail and submission, of lust and rough sex.

The beginning of a dark erotica thriller series with an emphasis on blackmail, voyeurism, and BDSM-themed sex. (And lots of it.) The whole series is available as a COLLECTION also.



My latest work, an 8000-word dark erotica story, the first of a three-part serial. (Not quite so pitch black as the last one, you may or may not be happy to know, but this one features doctor play and water sports. Cheers!) threedaysaslave Tara is desperate to escape from her current life. A mysterious stranger offers her a way out: a completely new identity, a scholarship to a university far away … and $50,000. But in return, she must endure three days of fiendish and twisted and hot and heavy BDSM scenarios, which will test the limits of her desire and teach her new definitions of pleasure … and pain. On the first day, she will have a very thorough and thoroughly inappropriate examination from a very inappropriate doctor and nurse. Everything will stop if she says one word: mercy. Can Tara withstand their ministrations and find a new life? But someone doesn’t want Tara to go anywhere, and he is trying to find her … Currently available HERE ON AMAZON. Available FREE on Kindle Unlimited. * * * So get it now , before Amazon blocks it …


My six-part dark erotica serial I OWN YOU is now available as a complete bundled collection.


Get it HERE on Amazon US  / Amazon UK (available on Kindle Unlimited)

He picks the lock and enters her house.

She awakes to find the stranger in her bedroom … touching her.

But he is not a stranger. Not quite.

He is the brother of her former boyfriend. The former boyfriend who tried to kill himself, because of her.

And he wants to get even … and he wants her.

This is Natasha Stevens’ most shocking tale of dark erotica yet. This is NOT a romance. It is a tale of control and compulsion. TRIGGER WARNING. Contains graphic content and extremely disturbing situations.

* * *

I don’t think this is hyperbole when I say it’s my most shocking. There’s no rough-but-misunderstood alpha here; he’s a manipulative abusive asshole and she’s his victim.

(Which is not to say you don’t have my permission to masturbate to it 😉 )

It all ends a bit better than things like that often end in real life, though, I’ll say that.

Jana’s Journey, Book One: Good Girl – New Cover and A Bit of Rebranding


Get it here on Amazon.US / Amazon UK / Smashwords / Barnes and Noble

So I’m using yet ANOTHER new cover for JANA’S JOURNEY. (I think that’s about 6 now?)

For two reasons — a few ebook retailers still are uncomfortable with images of girls in school uniforms on the cover (even though Jana is 18 in the story, as clearly stated.)

Another of course is to position it as the first in a series, which it soon will be.

JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK TWO will be coming in the summer, fans will be glad to hear, and we’ll get to find out more about what becomes of Jana, Matt, and Courtney. This one will be much more firmly in the thriller vein, with even more intrigue and action, but just as much BDSM-themed sex. Don’t worry about that!

Jana’s TRIP TO THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE was my first published erotica story and it’s still my best seller (in terms of total copies sold) — it made it into the top fifty paid in Amazon erotica in summer of 2012. It was based on something that happened to a friend of mine; a teacher of hers struck up a personal relationship with her and tried to convince her to masturbate in front of him — although fortunately in real life she told someone and he lost his job, although he wasn’t convicted of anything. (That freaked me out so much as a child that we see this theme again and again in my writing.)

JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK TWO will check in with Jana five years after the events of of BOOK ONE, which I’ve now subtitled GOOD GIRL.

I think BOOK TWO will be subtitled BAD GIRL …

I OWN YOU now available on Amazon

My latest Dark Erotica series, I OWN YOU, is now available in six parts on Amazon. This is probably my darkest yet, extremely heavy and pretty much devoid of romance.


He picks the lock and quietly enters the dark house.

She awakens to find a man in her bedroom, touching her.

But he is not a stranger. Not quite. He is the brother of her former boyfriend. The former boyfriend who tried to kill himself, because of her.

The man in her bedroom wants to get even … and he wants her.

This 4000-word story is the first in a shocking new dark erotica series by Natasha Stevens, best-selling author of JANA’S JOURNEY. Once again she will take you to places very dark … and very hot.



* * *

Again, this is not a romance. There’s no misunderstood tough-guy alpha here or a kind yet kinky billionaire. This one is about obsession, addiction, abuse, and control, and I hope it disturbs you. It was intended to. 😉

Get Part One on Amazon