Three Days a Slave


Currently available HERE ON AMAZON. Available FREE on Kindle Unlimited.


Tara is desperate to escape from her current life. A mysterious stranger offers her a way out: a completely new identity, a scholarship to a university far away … and $50,000.

But in return, she must endure three days of fiendish and twisted and hot and heavy BDSM scenarios, which will test the limits of her desire and teach her new definitions of pleasure … and pain.

On the first day, she will have a very thorough and thoroughly inappropriate examination from a very inappropriate doctor and nurse.

Everything will stop if she says one word: mercy. Can Tara withstand their ministrations and find a new life?

But someone doesn’t want Tara to go anywhere, and he is trying to find her …

Currently available HERE ON AMAZON.

* * *

So get it now , before Amazon blocks it …

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