Confessions of a Kidnapper: The Complete Novel

Okay, here you are:

Confessions of a Kidnapper (1)

Revenge or redemption. Which would you choose?

Twenty-five years ago, Kristi King was one of the hottest adult film stars in America, a sexy young vixen lusted after by millions. But one Halloween night, her world was shattered. A sadistic, baby-faced psychopath and predator brutalized, violated, and humiliated her, before kidnapping her to satisfy his own dark and twisted desires.

Now, having rebuilt her life as a psychologist and victim’s right advocate, she finds herself sitting across a table from the man who tortured her, as part of a “restorative justice” confrontation, reliving every terrifying moment of her abduction.

But this time she is in control, and she has some dark secrets of her own to share with him. What follows will be a merciless test of wills between two desperate damaged people with nothing left to lose … except their souls.

This is an extremely dark psychological suspense thriller novella from Natasha Stevens, author of I OWN YOU and JANA’S JOURNEY. Emotional, shocking, and moving, this is Natasha Stevens at her best. Trigger warning: contains disturbing sexual content and violence.

Get it HERE on Amazon, FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and completely FREE for the next week.

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