Taken at Halloween




25 years ago, Kristi King was the hottest adult film star in America, lusted after by millions. But on Halloween night, her world was shattered. A sadistic, baby-faced predator brutalized and humiliated her, before kidnapping her to satiate his own dark and twisted desires.

Now, 25 years later, having rebuilt her life as a psychiatrist and victim’s right advocate, she finds herself sitting across a table from the man who tortured her, as part of a “restorative justice” confrontation, reliving every terrifying moment of her abduction.

But this time she is in control, and she has some dark secrets of her own to share with him …

This is an extremely dark and twisted extreme psychological horror Halloween short story from Natasha Stevens, author of I OWN YOU and JANA’S JOURNEY. Trigger warning: contains disturbing content.

* **

So! You want to see something scary?

Yes, it’s the same Kristi King who is Jana’s psychiatrist in JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK 2, of course, and also the mother of Christopher from THREE DAYS A SLAVE. And the full story of Christopher’s birth will be revealed . . .

No romance in this one, folks, or not yet anyway – this is pure straight up rapesex horror.



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