Three’s company! Things got hot and heavy between Emma and her new stepbrother, and she’s returned to bring a little something extra to the table in the form of her hot Russian friend Valeria.


But now Wade’s got an offer for both of them, and they repair to Emma’s bedroom to discuss it.

Let’s just hope her father doesn’t overhear …



  1. I’m currently reading your Naughty Bits and have a question-
    I am currently writing (this is a short story) another erotic scene for my sequel to my illustrated fantasy novel Mana in the Modern World. I have an idea to add to the ones I’ve already done. This is about a chemist that comes into possession of something left behind by a huge female dragon that ate two people- one was a 6 weeks pregnant woman. The chemist is given some material left behind. His experiments reveal it to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. I’ve decided that one ‘test’ involved spiking the punch at a school’s senior Halloween party. Part of it will include a giant sized Twister game. One aspect of the drug is it causes the victim to get hot and will start disrobing in order to get cool. I’m 72 and my imagination is just not up to visualizing when the Twister game and other games become nude and sex crazed – including the chaperones.
    So – might you be interested in writing that portion for me to use and if so at what cost?
    Or – possibly you can point me to an erotic writer I can afford.
    Some parts of the book is illustrated using some of the photos I have shot in various places.
    Thanks for your time.
    Mac –

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