Get my collection of four extreme horror erotica stories HERE ON AMAZON!

Included in this collection, three stories published under another name plus one:

50 SHADES OF PAIN – A young hitchhiker makes the wrong decision in accepting a ride from an older doctor. But he has made a wrong decision, too …

50 SHADES OF BLACK  — Also published as BLACK ALPHA TAKES THE CLUB GIRL. He’s a VIP; she’s a tease who dances at the club every night. Tonight, the teasing stops!

50 SHADES OF BROWN – Dr. Brown’s 18-year-old slutty stepdaughter has violated the household rules one time too many, and now she’s going to get a very special punishment.

50 SHADES OF RED – Also published as CUCKOLDED BY THE RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE. Stealing money from a Russian billionaire was his first mistake; but he made another mistake, in choosing a trophy wife so beautiful and so slutty …




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