Happy Valentine’s Day from Jana

JJ Book 2 v2


Happy Valentine’s Day, ya pervs! It was blocked, so it’s in a new location, but who knows how long that will last? I think, I hope, it was the line “UNDERCOVER AS A SEX SLAVE!” that did it. It’s certainly not the relatively conservative cover.

The story? Oh, well, yes, that’s terribly graphic and disturbing but it’s in the horror and thriller section, rather than erotica, so that’s okay then. Right? Right?

* * *

Five years after her abduction, Jana has rebuilt her life. Nearly 23 years old, she is now a successful and confident writer and activist, operating a foundation helping victims of abuse.

But the scars of the past run deep, and Jana has a second, secret life – as a high-priced and mysterious dominatrix.

When some dangerous people begin stalking Jana, a mysterious figure from Matt’s past appears and offers her a chance to go undercover to bust a sinister mastermind of kidnapping and sex trafficking.

The punishments she must endure, however, are nothing compared to the ghosts from the past they are bringing back …

But it’s all just pretend … isn’t it?

This is the sequel to JANA’S JOURNEY, another disturbing, emotional, dark and sexy thriller story from Natasha Stevens, author of I OWN YOU. Use the LOOK INSIDE feature for more information.



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