Free and cheap stuff on Amazon!

cuckoldedbythe russianbillionaire3

Get my short story CUCKOLDED BY THE RUSSIAN BILLIONAIRE free for the next five days on Amazon. I’m probably going to take that down soon, so get it now!


Get the first installment of my latest dark romance thriller, THE HITMAN AND THE ESCORT for a mere 99 cents on Amazon. Part 2 coming this week!


I’ve long wondered whether it’s better to put a hot guy, a hot girl, or both on the cover of my books, so I’ve been experimenting. The drastically under-appreciated BOUND BY THE BURGLAR is available for 99 cents on Amazon also with this sexy and athletic new cover. I promise you thrills, chills, multiple orgasms, alpha males, and bad ass bad guys.


And for old times sake, you can get GABRIELLA AND VALERIA: SLUTTY SCHOOLGIRLS VOL 1 for a mere 99 cents also. I have an idea for incorporating these two into the Jana-verse soon, so refresh your memory on how hot they are. While this is pretty light by Natasha Stevens standards, it still ends up with harsh BDSM and blackmail, so you won’t be disappointed 😉

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