Happy MLK Day and Happy New Year everybody! And this is looking like the Year of Jana, or at least the year of Natasha Stevens. JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK 2 has been doing okay, but the big news is that JANA 1 hurtled back into the top 50,000, also. And 3 DAYS A SLAVE is still kicking it in the top 10,000 and as of this writing is NUMBER 4 IN HORROR EROTICA!

jana journey book 2 v5

Get JANA’S JOURNEY 1 with its sexy (yet censor safe!) wistful new cover here on Amazon, or with the old cover here on Smashwords. Also available on iTunes for iBooks and Barnes and Noble.

JJ Book 2 v2

Get JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK 2  HERE ON AMAZON FREE for the next few days! Also got a new cover for that. I mean, white underwear is a major theme here, right?


I’m also starting a price-reduction promotion on THREE DAYS A SLAVE (which is back to its basic black color scheme) so it’ll be available for 99 cents starting on the 18th, then it’ll go up to $1.99 a few days after that, then back to the still-very-reasonable price of $2.99.



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