JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK 2: The Whole Story

jan's journey 2

Here’s the whole deal. Available HERE ON AMAZON.

Undercover as a sex slave! 

Five years after her kidnapping, Jana has rebuilt her life. Nearly 23 years old, she is now a successful and confident writer and activist, operating a foundation helping victims of sex trafficking.

However, the scars of the past run deep, and Jana has a second, secret life – as a high-priced and mysterious dominatrix.

But when some dangerous people begin stalking Jana, a mysterious figure from Matt’s military past appears and offers her a chance to go undercover to bust a sinister mastermind of kidnapping and sex trafficking.

The punishments she must endure, however, are nothing compared to the ghosts from the past they are bringing back …

But it’s all just pretend … isn’t it?

This is the sequel to JANA’S JOURNEY, another disturbing, emotional, dark erotica thriller story from Natasha Stevens. Use the LOOK INSIDE feature for more information.

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