part three freedom

Jana has accepted a dangerous undercover mission in which she will be kidnapped and sold, in an attempt to bring down a dangerous Russian mobster and deal with her own demons once and for all.

But before she becomes a slave, Jana must free one: the daughter of the man who kidnapped and used Jana, five years previously.

Courtney was saved from a life of evil and abuse by her master / slave relationship with Matt and Jana; but now the time has come to release her, and they will celebrate their last night together with a special and very sexy ceremony …

This is the third chapter in the JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK 2, the sequel to the dark erotica bestseller JANA’S JOURNEY.


* * *

The parts are only available at Amazon right now, but that’s mainly just a mistake on my part; I accidentally put the first one in the Kindle Select program, where it must be exclusive. And apparently now you can’t remove it from it! It’s a shame because right now JANA’S JOURNEY on Smashwords is outselling Amazon three to one, so I’m probably losing some income. Oh well, hopefully the whole thing will be finished by August, when the 90 day enrollment period is up.

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