THREE DAYS A SLAVE, DAY 3: TATTOO YOU now available on Amazon


Get it HERE ON AMAZON, FREE on Kindle Unlimited

It’s the third and final day of Tara’s BDSM contact. She will be tattooed, pierced, and – again – made to feel pleasure such as she has never felt before.

And when it’s finished, she will start her new life as a different person.

But someone doesn’t want her to start a new life.

And he has found her.

He works his way through the building towards her, dealing the harshest of punishments to those who get in the way. But saving the worst punishment of all for the girl who defied him … the little brat who escaped from the happy home he tried to give her …

This is the third and final installment in the series, the shocking conclusion to another terrifying dark erotica masterpiece from Natasha Stevens, author of I OWN YOU and JANA’S JOURNEY. Read DAY ONE: PLAYING DOCTOR and DAY TWO: SHAVED only on Amazon now.

* * *

So here’s the big finale. And pretty exciting, if I do say so myself? In terms of kink, we’ve got some bondage and such, piercing and tattooing, and we’ve got a couple of anal rapes. Noncon? Oh yeah.


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