Fight the Man and Read MIND CONTROL PANTIES

Amazon blocked my new short story, MIND CONTROL PANTIES.


but you can get it here on Smashwords / Kobo / Barnes and Noble

After months of keeping Devon in the “friend zone” Celia finally agreed to go on a date with him — but went home with another man.

But Devon has a plan to get even, involving a gift of some very special lingerie, and she will not be able to resist …

* * *

I’ve had plenty of stories blocked on Amazon, but this time they warned me that:

 During our review process, we found that this content is in violation of our content guidelines. As a result, we cannot offer this book for sale. If we identify additional submissions with similar content that violates our guidelines, we may terminate your account or you may lose access to optional KDP services.

Amazon’s inconsistent, opaque system of censorship is really infuriating. If they don’t want mind-control erotica, why don’t they say that? They just say it “violates our content guideline” and their content guidelines are defined as “pretty much what you’d expect.” This is corporate hypocrisy at its worst. Amazon makes a LOT of money off erotica and it certainly isn’t banning best-sellers like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY or classics like LOLITA.  Selena Kitt wrote an excellent blog entry about this topic, which is really playing havoc with a lot of erotica authors.

So fight the man and strike a blow against censorship and get it now! on Smashwords / Kobo / Barnes and Noble

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