JANA’S JOURNEY VOLUME ONE: GOOD GIRL is now on sale on Amazon for 99 cents until the end of the month.


Get it HERE on Amazon for 99 cents

Get it HERE on Smashwords for 99 cents

(The changes in “book” and “volume” are from Amazon affizing “book #” to parts of a series; I didn’t want to create confusion with the serialized editions.)

I know I promised a sequel soon, and believe me, it’s in the pot and cooking — but some real-world responsibilities have taken up a lot of my recent time, in the form of an ill parent. From libertine to caregiver in one fell swoop! But here’s some teaser cover art for the next part of the story:

jana's journey book 2

At the beginning of the story, Jana is a successful writer and activist against sex trafficking … but her dark side has not disappeared, and she occasionally works in secret as a high-priced dominatrix and participant in BDSM shows.

But a mysterious government operative who shares a dark past with Jana’s boyfriend Matt knows Jana’s secret and he offers her a chance to go undercover to bust one of the nation’s most feared sex slave rings …

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