The Neighbor’s Drunk Slutty Daughter: The Complete Story


I’m not sure if the world was crying out for it, exactly, but they were selling pretty well on Smashwords and I felt like there was a lot of stuff that could be clarified about why this was happening. So, I have combined the three stories in the NEIGHBOR’S DRUNK SLUTTY DAUGHTER series, and added a prologue and final chapter, and now it’s a complete story (novella? novellette?) of about 60 pages / 15,000 words.



The blurb:

38-year-old divorced former tennis pro Richard is driving back to his beach house one evening when he sees the 18-year-old girl next door, Mia, staggering down the road, wearing nothing but a bikini top and a short skirt, having had a bit too much to drink. And soon she is sitting on the sofa in his living room.

Can he resist her? Does he even want to?

What’s more, Richard is divorced because his wife Ariel had an affair with Mia’s stepdad. And this is only the beginning of a very naughty plan Mia has to get even, and to live out her most forbidden fantasies, and help Richard live out his.

But as usual in the works of Natasha Stevens, all is not quite as it seems…

* * *

Obviously the issue of drugged / sleeping sex is a major one in the news right now. (Cough cough Dr. Huxtable) I hope I don’t treat the matter lightly, and as usual in my darker fiction this delves into issues of compulsion and abuse and blackmail and revenge.

But of course, you still have my permission to rub one out to it. ;-)

Amazon Fucks Short Porn Authors Up the Ass

Amazon has done it again — with almost no notice, they have changed the payment rates for books in Kindle Unlimited.

The final number isn’t official yet, but it’s very likely to be less than half a cent per page.

Amazon gets more and more like Grub Street with every passing moment.

Here’s Selena Kitt’s very comprehensive post on the subject.

I’ve already taken most of my short stuff out of Kindle Unlimited. Regrettably that’s unlikely to affect Amazon’s bottom line, but hopefully the fans will start looking for their short porn thrills elsewhere. My Google and Smashwords sales are going up steadily.

Cuckolded by the Russian Billionaire

cuckoldedbythe russianbillionaire

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Hello again! After a two-week holiday and two weeks of dealing with some household difficulties, I can at least offer you this story, which is adapted from a discarded idea for JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK TWO. (Which will be finished soon, promise.)

The blurb —

I made a terrible mistake.

I stole money from one of the most powerful men in the city, the Russian billionaire Ivan Volkov.

And now he is going to take something from me. My hot blonde trophy wife, Tori.

And I am going to watch. And to my surprise, to my horror, I am going to love every minute of it …

* * *

This will be FREE on Kindle Unlimited, and giving it away FREE for everybody on Amazon from tomorrow til the 3rd of July.

I also ended up taking I OWN YOU off Kindle Unlimited, and it’s now available on Google and Smashwords:

I Own You: The Complete Novel

Availble HERE on Amazon

Available HERE on Smashwords

Available HERE on Google Play

Probably my darkest and scariest work, I OWN YOU was selling very well on Kindle Unlimited, so I was going to re-enroll it after a brief decision to not do that. But I got a pop-up from Amazon saying that since I had removed it from Kindle Unlmited, if i re-enrolled it, I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO REMOVE IT AGAIN! What kind of crazy fascist shit is that? It’s like in that old movie the Blob, Amazon just consumes everything in its path.

So I went ahead and took it out. I will continue to use Amazon and KU but my stuff sells pretty well on Smashwords and now on Google, so hopefully those platforms will embrace I OWN YOU just as they embraced JANA’S JOURNEY.


part three freedom

Jana has accepted a dangerous undercover mission in which she will be kidnapped and sold, in an attempt to bring down a dangerous Russian mobster and deal with her own demons once and for all.

But before she becomes a slave, Jana must free one: the daughter of the man who kidnapped and used Jana, five years previously.

Courtney was saved from a life of evil and abuse by her master / slave relationship with Matt and Jana; but now the time has come to release her, and they will celebrate their last night together with a special and very sexy ceremony …

This is the third chapter in the JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK 2, the sequel to the dark erotica bestseller JANA’S JOURNEY.


* * *

The parts are only available at Amazon right now, but that’s mainly just a mistake on my part; I accidentally put the first one in the Kindle Select program, where it must be exclusive. And apparently now you can’t remove it from it! It’s a shame because right now JANA’S JOURNEY on Smashwords is outselling Amazon three to one, so I’m probably losing some income. Oh well, hopefully the whole thing will be finished by August, when the 90 day enrollment period is up.

NAUGHTY BITS now available FREE on Smashwords

Naughty Bits: Five Stories of Taboo Erotica

My seminal (get it?) short story collection NAUGHTY BITS is now on sale:

FREE at Smashwords


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Contains the following five stories (which are, at this point, admittedly available for free just about every-fucking-where on the web.)

The neighbor’s hot 18-year-old daughter is drunkenly staggering down the street, returning from a party; Richard, a 38-year-old divorcee who lives next door, offers to let her sober up in his house. After she passes out, can he resist such a beauty?

Victoria has a little problem – the man of the house won’t have sex with her, no matter how many times she parades around in front of him in her bra and panties. But he has a little idea to help her get rid of her sexual tension …

Elena is an underwear model and trophy wife. She has everything a woman could want. But one night she wakes up and finds a stranger in her room. He ties her to the bed and tells her he’s only going to steal some things. When he threatens to steal a video that could permanently change her life, she offers him something more valuable – her body …

Gabriella and Valeria are both 18 and the two hottest girls in school. They have a little problem, however – they’ve been giving detention for sexting in class. They have some ideas for making detention with their English teacher a little more interesting however …

Karen is 18 years old and the pampered and spoiled daughter of a rich man; Mark is 29 and working as a gardener after getting out of the army. She thinks he’s crude and low class; so why does she always sunbathe when he’s around? He thinks she’s a little tease; so why does he always watch her? But one day in the billiard room all the teasing is going to stop…

* * *

Of course many of these are teasers to get you to by more books in a series, but free stuff is the only kind of marketing I’ve got any stomach for. At least I’m not sending you spam begging you to buy stuff, right?

Now, getting to work on part three of JANA’S JOURNEY 2. And check out my new AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE

The Neighbor’s Drunk Slutty Daughter

A couple of new short stories in a new series continuing the story of Richard and Mia, the neighbor’s drunk slutty daughter


Turnabout is fair play! Richard wakes up with the neighbor’s slutty daughter feeling is hardon. And that would be finee … except for the fact that his recently-returned estranged wife is sleeping next to him. Can he resist Mia? Or at least not wake his wife?



Mia so enjoyed having sex with Richard while his wife slept next to them, that she has returned. And Richard’s wife has taken a sleeping pill, so Mia can take the opportunity to get to know her in the most intimate of ways …


* * *

So the plot thickens here: it turns out that Richard’s wife Arial divorced him after an affair with Mia’s stepfather. So we’re going to get into some typical Natasha Stevens territory of blackmail, lust and revenge. And stepdads. And slutty teenage girls.


JJ Book 2 Chapter 2 Showtime 2

Get it HERE on Amazon US 

On her 23rd birthday, Jana is planning to put her traumatic past to rest with one last fling: an exclusive public BDSM show with her boyfriend, former Navy SEAL Matt.

But some dangerous people have been stalking Jana, and a mysterious figure from Matt’s past appears and offers her a chance to go undercover to bust a sinister mastermind of kidnapping and sex trafficking. And once again, Jana will confront and endure her own deepest and darkest urges …

This is the second chapter in JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK TWO, the sequel to the best-selling dark erotica novel by Natasha Stevens. WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT! Use the LOOK INSIDE feature for more information.

*    *    *

So here we go, part two. In terms of specific kink involved, we’ve got rough sex in public (MFM) as well as some bondage, masturbation, and hard spanking. Enjoy!

Dark and taboo erotica without the dull parts


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