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Naughty Bits: Five Stories of Taboo Erotica

My seminal (get it?) short story collection NAUGHTY BITS is now on sale:

FREE at Smashwords


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Contains the following five stories (which are, at this point, admittedly available for free just about every-fucking-where on the web.)

The neighbor’s hot 18-year-old daughter is drunkenly staggering down the street, returning from a party; Richard, a 38-year-old divorcee who lives next door, offers to let her sober up in his house. After she passes out, can he resist such a beauty?

Victoria has a little problem – the man of the house won’t have sex with her, no matter how many times she parades around in front of him in her bra and panties. But he has a little idea to help her get rid of her sexual tension …

Elena is an underwear model and trophy wife. She has everything a woman could want. But one night she wakes up and finds a stranger in her room. He ties her to the bed and tells her he’s only going to steal some things. When he threatens to steal a video that could permanently change her life, she offers him something more valuable – her body …

Gabriella and Valeria are both 18 and the two hottest girls in school. They have a little problem, however – they’ve been giving detention for sexting in class. They have some ideas for making detention with their English teacher a little more interesting however …

Karen is 18 years old and the pampered and spoiled daughter of a rich man; Mark is 29 and working as a gardener after getting out of the army. She thinks he’s crude and low class; so why does she always sunbathe when he’s around? He thinks she’s a little tease; so why does he always watch her? But one day in the billiard room all the teasing is going to stop…

* * *

Of course many of these are teasers to get you to by more books in a series, but free stuff is the only kind of marketing I’ve got any stomach for. At least I’m not sending you spam begging you to buy stuff, right?

Now, getting to work on part three of JANA’S JOURNEY 2. And check out my new AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE

The Neighbor’s Drunk Slutty Daughter

A couple of new short stories in a new series continuing the story of Richard and Mia, the neighbor’s drunk slutty daughter


Turnabout is fair play! Richard wakes up with the neighbor’s slutty daughter feeling is hardon. And that would be finee … except for the fact that his recently-returned estranged wife is sleeping next to him. Can he resist Mia? Or at least not wake his wife?



Mia so enjoyed having sex with Richard while his wife slept next to them, that she has returned. And Richard’s wife has taken a sleeping pill, so Mia can take the opportunity to get to know her in the most intimate of ways …


* * *

So the plot thickens here: it turns out that Richard’s wife Arial divorced him after an affair with Mia’s stepfather. So we’re going to get into some typical Natasha Stevens territory of blackmail, lust and revenge. And stepdads. And slutty teenage girls.


JJ Book 2 Chapter 2 Showtime 2

Get it HERE on Amazon US 

On her 23rd birthday, Jana is planning to put her traumatic past to rest with one last fling: an exclusive public BDSM show with her boyfriend, former Navy SEAL Matt.

But some dangerous people have been stalking Jana, and a mysterious figure from Matt’s past appears and offers her a chance to go undercover to bust a sinister mastermind of kidnapping and sex trafficking. And once again, Jana will confront and endure her own deepest and darkest urges …

This is the second chapter in JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK TWO, the sequel to the best-selling dark erotica novel by Natasha Stevens. WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT! Use the LOOK INSIDE feature for more information.

*    *    *

So here we go, part two. In terms of specific kink involved, we’ve got rough sex in public (MFM) as well as some bondage, masturbation, and hard spanking. Enjoy!


And here we go, the long-delayed sequel to Jana’s Journey begins with this first chapter.

jana's journey book 2 snapped v3

(And I decided to go with a sort of old-school cover, homage to the first Jana’s Journey books.)


and read it FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

The blurb;

Five years after her kidnapping, Jana has rebuilt her life. Nearly 23 years old, she is now a successful and confident writer and activist, operating a foundation helping victims of sex trafficking.

But the scars of the past run deep, and Jana has a second, secret life — as a high-priced and mysterious dominatrix.

When hired for a hardcore bondage and discipline session with a man who reminds her very much of the man who abducted her, will Jana be able to keep control?

This is the first chapter in the sequel to JANA’S JOURNEY, another disturbing and moving dark erotica story from Natasha Stevens. WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT! Use the look inside feature for more information. 

* * *

There’s a lot of set-up, review, and exposition in this, I guess, in addition to the hot girl-on-girl action and femdom, but I hope you’re as glad to see Jana and Courtney again as I am. I’m also aware that by the strictest of rules in BDSM, I’m using the terms “slave” and “sub” a bit loosely. Well, I was always a fuck-the-rules kind of a chick!

PART TWO: SHOWTIME coming up soon, in which the plot will thicken. As will a BBC.


Hey folks! After a much needed holiday, I’m back to work.

First, in my continuing attempts to navigate the ever-changing world of erotica e-book sales in 2015, I’ve put several of my  books on Google Play. (With odd pricing discounts, for some reason.)

Now, initial sales are quite good, but the author interface is a bit odd and if there’s an author’s page there anywhere, I haven’t found it yet.

Second, I’m going to be taking all my 99 cents stories off Amazon soon, leaving up only the collections. The 99 cent story just doesn’t seem to sell anymore, unless they’re in Kindle Unlimited. So if you want, say, the separate parts of JANA’S JOURNEY or AFTER SCHOOL DETENTION stories, you best jump quick. I already removed the BOUND BY THE BURGLAR chapters, though of course the collection is still there.

Check out my Amazon author’s page

Now I’m going to leave the separate chapters up on Smashwords, as they still seem to sell okay there, since I can make the first chapter free, and hook readers thoroughly with my awesome prose:

Check out my Smashwords author’s page

I might remove them there eventually, but right now just trying to tidy up my backyard, you know.

And, the best news of all — check back in a few days and I’m going to publish the first chapter of JANA’S JOURNEY BOOK TWO. It’s damn good — and this one is going to be even darker than the first, which is dark indeed.

Now, upcoming projects? TAKING THE NEIGHBOR’S DRUNK SLUTTY DAUGHTER has been selling surprisingly well on Smashwords, so I’m going to write a sequel to that, and indeed have an idea to turn it into another short novel. Older man and slutty younger woman! Sleeping sex! How can we go wrong?

One of these will be the covers, any feedback is welcome.

jana's journey book 2 snapped v2 jana's journey book 2 snapped


THREE DAYS A SLAVE series hits number one on Amazon … APRIL FOOL!

But no, it’s doing well actually, with Kindle Unlimited rentals especially.Remember, if you read it and liked it, leave a review. If you don’t like it of course, keep your damn opinion to yourself. ;-)

You might have noticed that my inspiration for it was in fact the movie TAKEN, with Liam Neeson. There was something slightly creepy and controlling about his character, and something slightly erotically-charged about his realtionship with his daughter, and I thought, “Wow, what if she sold herself into slavery, just to get away from him and his abuse? What a twist ending that would make!”

And some have inquired if the character of Z in the story, is the same Ezekiel from BOUND BY THE BURGLAR. The answer to that is: of course! How many nameless cities do you think have seven-foot-tall, three-hundred-pound black guys with huge cocks in them?

But seriously, all my books are set in the same universe — yes, even Gabriella and Valeria and Victoria and her stepfather — a universe which I tend to think of as my “Janaverse” after Jana from JANA’S JOURNEY.

I swear I’ll get that sequel to JANA’S JOURNEY written soon! It’s finished in my head already, just need to spend a few weeks slapping it down on paper.

THREE DAYS A SLAVE, DAY 3: TATTOO YOU now available on Amazon


Get it HERE ON AMAZON, FREE on Kindle Unlimited

It’s the third and final day of Tara’s BDSM contact. She will be tattooed, pierced, and – again – made to feel pleasure such as she has never felt before.

And when it’s finished, she will start her new life as a different person.

But someone doesn’t want her to start a new life.

And he has found her.

He works his way through the building towards her, dealing the harshest of punishments to those who get in the way. But saving the worst punishment of all for the girl who defied him … the little brat who escaped from the happy home he tried to give her …

This is the third and final installment in the series, the shocking conclusion to another terrifying dark erotica masterpiece from Natasha Stevens, author of I OWN YOU and JANA’S JOURNEY. Read DAY ONE: PLAYING DOCTOR and DAY TWO: SHAVED only on Amazon now.

* * *

So here’s the big finale. And pretty exciting, if I do say so myself? In terms of kink, we’ve got some bondage and such, piercing and tattooing, and we’ve got a couple of anal rapes. Noncon? Oh yeah.


Dark and taboo erotica without the dull parts


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